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This icon is our proprietary support software that allows you to quickly put in support tickets. You can also begin a chat with us right from the ticket. This allows us to prioritize and service you quickly.
A Managed Service Provider is an IT Company that puts in place practices and processes to montior their clients equipment and remediate issues in many cases before they affect our clients. My IT proactively monitors internet connections, computers, servers, network switches and other infrastructure hardware that is core to our clients success.
We believe it is our people, product and processes that set us apart. Our people are passionate about IT and helping our clients. We invest time learning your business so that we bring business value as well as IT knowledge to the relationship. Our processes have been developed over the course of 16 years and they are among the best in the industry.

Example: A typical MSP will have a resolution time somewhere between 4 hours to 2 days. Our resolution time over the course of your engagement with us will average an hour or less for all support calls. This has a direct impact on your business and will save both time and money for you.
We do our best to contact and resolve issues on the first touch and within 15-30 minutes. Our alotted time for contact is up to 4 hours per our SLA (Service Level Agreement). Our initial contact is within 10 minutes in almost all cases. Our Time To Resolution is on average 1 hour per ticket. This means in most cases your support issue will be addressed within an hour if not within minutes.
Our system will automatically detect your username and the computer you are using. The most important information you can provide when opening a ticket with us:

Urgency level - If the request is an emergency and is stopping production please let us know.

Impact - This allows us to prioritize our more than 500 ticket requests per week.

Example: If an accounting printer is down that prevents a client from printing checks this will be more impactful than somoene who has a second printer available to them and they can continue to work while waiting for assistance.

Best Contact Method - Please let us know the best contact method. If it is a cell phone number please provide it to ensure we don't have trouble getting in touch with you. If there are specific times or days that you would prefer we contact you to resolve the issue please let us know.
The only way to get a ticket looked into after hours is by calling our main phone number 504-888-6948 and leaving a voicemail in the after hours mailbox. Once you do this a technician should call you back within an hour for service. This also alerts the manager on call of the ticket so there are always two people available to assist in case of an emergency. Normal tickets that are not emergencies will be handled the next business day.
We take web security very seriously at My IT and do our best to prevent infections from browsing. As a result most of our clients that have web filtering enabled have a management structure that they want the requests to go through. If you are unsure we can always alert you once we contact the manager/supervisor for to give us permission to open up the website. If it is clearly a business purpose website that was blocked by mistake we will make every effort to unblock these very quickly.
Keep your password safe and change every 90 days as a good security practice. On Windows computers you can do this by pressing CTL ALT DEL and clicking Change Password.
It is estimated that more than 250,000 unique newly coded pieces of malware enter the internet daily. This doesn't account for the modifications to existing malware that are made to try to avoid detection. While AV can and will remove/prevent many infections there are no absolutes. The best protection is to be diligent and make sure what you open via web or email is legitimate.
Malware usually gets into a computer via Malicious Emails or an Infected Website. It is important to make sure you were expecting an attachment before opening it. When browsing on a website please be sure not to click the advertisements on the site as these have malicious software in many cases.

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